Published On: Wed, Sep 11th, 2019

Tropical Storm Humberto path: Florida and Alabama on alert – Latest NOAA charts and maps | World | News

A tropical system churning across the Atlantic Ocean close to the Bahamas which was last week ransacked by Hurricane Dorian, which left at least 50 people dead, could be headed straight for Florida and Alabama. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) forecasts a chance of heavy rainfall and gusty winds to hit the region during the weekend. It is one of three tropical storms forecasters are tracking and has the best chance of developing and now the areas, which experienced extensive damage after Dorian slammed the region, are on alert for the next storm that is heading that way. But what do the latest NOAA charts and maps reveal about tropical storm Humberto?

Forecasters say there could be plenty more storms during the remainder of the hurricane season.

Widespread cloudiness and thunderstorm activity is continuing to flare up over the southeastern Bahamas, north of Haiti, which is associated with a surface trough of low pressure.

It will over northwards over the next few days, travelling alongside areas devastated by Dorian on Friday, potentially unleashing one to three inches of rainfall on the Grand Bahama and Abaco islands as it passes.

From there, the disturbance will hit Florida late this week through early Saturday, crossing the peninsula and dropping up to several inches of rain, before potentially re-emerging into the gulf.

Tropical Storm Humberto path: Weather maps

Tropical Storm Humberto path: What are the latest NOAA update about tropical storm Humberto? (Image: NASA/THE WEATHER CHANNEL)

The system will travel across the warm gulf waters which will enable the fledgling system to consolidate and organise itself this weekend.

Should that be the case, the disturbance will likely not have enough time over the warm gulf waters, so its ferocity may be limited by its short development window.

However, according to the NOAA, it is becoming increasingly probably the storm will strengthen into a tropical storm.

As of 8am EDT (1pm BST) the NOAA forecasts the chance of formation over 48 hours as only 20 percent, but predicts the chance of formation through five days as 60 percent.

Tropical Storm Humberto path: Weather map

Tropical Storm Humberto path: A tropical storm could form this weekend over the US (Image: THE WEATHER CHANNEL)

The advisory reads: “Conditions are forecast to become a little more favorable for development over the weekend, and a tropical depression could form as the disturbance moves slowly toward the west-northwest across the Florida Straits or South Florida and over the eastern Gulf of Mexico.

“Regardless of development, this disturbance could produce periods of locally heavy rainfall and gusty winds across the Bahamas through Thursday, and across Florida during the weekend.”

The latest tropical storm to dissipate was Tropical Storm Gabriella, which means the next storm, which is the eighth of the season, will be called Humberto.

The extent to which a disturbance develops is not certain, but given the short window of its lifetime, it the chances of it reaching hurricane strength are very low.

Tropical Storm Humberto path: NOAA map

Tropical Storm Humberto path: The tropical disturbances currently in the Atlantic (Image: NOAA)

Instead, it is thought to be a system which delivers torrential rainfall which drenches Florida, Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama between Sunday and Tuesday.

The centre of the storm is expected to inundate areas with up to six inches of rainfall.

But for some in Alabama, the rainfall is a welcome relief, with a quarter of the state having experienced drought recently.

Tropical Storm Humberto path: Rainfall map

Tropical Storm Humberto path: Rainfall is expected to batter the US this weekend (Image: THE WEATHER CHANNEL)

There are two other disturbances being monitored by the NOAA.

The first of these is a broad low pressure system, associated with a tropical wave, is located about 650 miles east of the Lesser Antilles.

The disturbance is accompanied by a large but disorganised area of cloudiness and thunderstorms and is forecast to move westward toward unfavourable upper-level winds for tropical cyclone formation.

The chance of formation over 48 hours and/or five days is low, recorded as only 10 percent by the NOAA.

Tropical Storm Humberto path: Weather map

Tropical Storm Humberto path: A map showing the temperature of the storm brewing in the Atlantic (Image: TROPICALTIDBITS.COM)

Meanwhile, the third disturbance being monitored is off the west coast of Africa.

The NOAA has said it is a tropical wave located between the west coast of Africa and the Cabo Verde Islands which is forecast to move quickly westward during the next several days.

The disturbance is predicted to undergo some slow development over the weekend or early next week when the system is moving over the tropical Atlantic.

But the chances of formation remain low with a near 0 percent chance through 48 hours and 02 percent chance through 5 days.

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