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South China Sea news: Beijing’s new colossal ship intended to intimidate other countries | World | News

The new ship is intended to help China transport various supplies to the islands it controls in the disputed region. According to China’s state-operated Xinhua News Agency, the Sansha No.2 transport ship passed tests in August and can “cover the whole South China Sea”.

The agency added that it has a displacement of over 8,000 metric tons and will help civilian and military work.

The report suggests the ship can go 6,0000 kilometres without refuelling and carry up to 400 people, making it a perfect vessel for excursions and missions across the waters.

The technological advances the ship displays are prominent, as a vessel that went into use 11 years ago could carry just 2,540 metric tons.

The ship is currently intended to take equipment and personnel to the Parcel Islands, an area controlled by China.

China's new colossal ship intends to intimidate

China’s new colossal ship intends to intimidate (Image: GETTY)

China has repeatedly tried to dominate the region

China has repeatedly tried to dominate the region (Image: GETTY)

Although, the islands are among the most disputed in the region, as Vietnam also claims to be the rightful owner.

The move to introduce the ship was not initially clear, but according to Jay Batongbacal, a professor at the University of the Philippines, China intends to use the ship in order to show other countries what it is capable of.

He said: “They’re expanding their capabilities in all areas.

“Deploying in the disputed areas is even more symbolic. It’s also more important for them, because they’re able to keep ahead.”

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China has built several ocean military runways

China has built several ocean military runways (Image: GETTY )

The newest addition to China’s fleet will likely carry ammunition, food, fresh water and power equipment to the islets it now controls, according to Andrew Yang of the Chinese Council of Advanced Policy Studies in Taiwan.

Mr Yang explains that the ship will increase logistical support for Chinese troops based in and around the islands.

He said: “They have troops and operations stationed there, so they certainly need some kind of more capable logistical support systems.”

China has built runways ad buildings to hold military airplanes on three major islets in the Spratyls, that are situated just off the coast of southern Vietnam.


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China and Vietnam both claim the Paracel Islands

China and Vietnam both claim the Paracel Islands (Image: Google Maps)

Several nations lay claim to the Spratly Islands

Several nations lay claim to the Spratly Islands (Image: Google Maps)

China has a considerable advantage over other countries who make claim to the South China Sea given the Communist nation’s industrial and military might.

The People’s Liberation Army, China’s armed forces and the world’s third largest military outfit, flew bomber airplanes to the Spratly Islands last year.

According to the US Department of Defence, China plans to to deploy floating nuclear power stations to the sea in 2020.

Yesterday, the Daily Express reported on Beijing expelling a US Navy destroyer from waters near the Parcel Islands.

The region is the busiest waterway in the world

The region is the busiest waterway in the world (Image: Express Newspapers)

China’s defence ministry said it banished the vessel after describing the American patrol as an act of “trespass”.

The islands, claimed by China, Taiwan and Vietnam, sit in the middle of the highly contested South China Sea and are regular pawns in the territorial debate.

The US Navy’s guided missile destroyer USS Wayne E. Meyer sailed near the Parcels, known as the Xisha in China and Hoang Sa in Vietnam.

According to Senior Colonel Li Huamin, spokesman for the People’s Liberation Army’s (PLA) Southern Theatre Command, the ship sailed “without the permission of the Chinese government”.

There is a power struggle playing out in the area

There is a power struggle playing out in the area (Image: GETTY)

In order to assert its dominance, Li explained that the PLA Navy and Air Force shadowed, identified, monitored, warned and eventually expelled the destroyer.

Li said: “Ignoring international laws and rules, the US side has been practising ‘navigational hegemony’ in the South China Sea for a long time.

“Such actions have seriously undermined China’s sovereign interests, and proven the US side’s complete lack of sincerity in maintaining global peace as well as regional security and stability.

“Our troops will take all necessary measures to resolutely defend national sovereignty and security and firmly safeguard the peace and stability in the South China Sea.”

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