Published On: Mon, Sep 30th, 2019

Pakistan-India news: President Narendra Modi warned of “nuclear armageddon” over Kashmir | World | News

Tensions between the two countries threatened to spill over into all-out conflict earlier this year over the disputed region of Kashmir. Such is the security risk to the region that the President of Azad Kashmir – the Pakistan administered region – Masood Khan, warned of a potentially catastrophic situation in the region.

The region has seen numerous skirmishes on both sides of the border since India decided to remove the special status afforded to India’s only majority-Muslim region.

Speaking to US publication, Newsweek, Mr Khan said: “We have beefed up security, we remain vigilant.

“India with its aggressive and aggravating steps has pushed the region to the brink of war.

“We are in a state of war right now, but the situation could escalate even further.

“Any military exchange will not remain limited, it can and we fear it would escalate to the nuclear level, that is tantamount to nuclear armageddon.”

The Kashmiri President’s remarks come soon after Pakistan’s President, Imran Khan issued a call for support during his speech at the United Nations General Assembly in New York last week.

Escalations increased earlier this year following a horrific terror attack by militants in the Kashmir region.

The terrible attack left 44 Indian paramilitary dead as a result which led to the Indian Prime Minister Modi, calling an airstrike on a camp run by militant organisation Jaish-e-Mohammed.

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Those claims were rubbished by Mr Khan, who said: “There’s no industry of terrorism coming out of Pakistan or Azad Kashmir, that’s an absolutely false accusation and they know it.

“We’ve been fighting terrorism and we’ve had successes.”

In order to try to calm tensions between the two states, there have been calls for US President, Donald Trump to step in to act as a mediator.

Trump recently remarked that he had hoped that the two countries “come together” to try and solve the current crisis.

Trump met Mr Khan last week at the UN General Assembly where he once again issued his desire to help cool relations between the two.

The US President said: “If I can help, I’d like to help. I want everyone to be treated well.”

Modi also met the US President last week as he appeared at a packed rally in Texas where he appeared to make a thinly veiled swipe at Pakistan as he attacked “hatred towards India”.

He said: “The time has come for a decisive fight against terrorism and those who support terrorism.

“I want to stress here that President Trump is standing firmly against this.”

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