Published On: Tue, Oct 8th, 2019

Melania Trump blunder: Speech backfires as FLOTUS is mocked for bullying announcement | World | News

US First Lady Melania Trump said her 2018 campaign Be Best is dedicated to “helping children and ensuring that we are doing all we can to take care of the next generation”. The wife to US President Donald Trump said this could be achieved this through “a simple act of kindness” or “providing care”.

But her comments quickly backfired with social media users on Twitter targeting her over some of the controversial actions by her husband during his term as US president.

One said: “If you are concerned about helping children, what are you doing about the immigrant children that are locked up in cages and some died? “

Another said: “Excuse me ma’am but denying and doing nothing about climate change is already harming this generation and may just wipe out the next.

While others attacked Mrs Trump as a “hypocrite”.

One posted: “Girl, please start by helping your husband be a good person. If that’s too heavy a lift, then just being a normal human being will do.

“His #BeWorst attitude + language is influencing future generations.”

Another added: “If @FLOTUS was sincerely interested in helping future generations she wouldn’t support @realDonaldTrump as he pollutes the planet, adds a trillion dollars a year to the national debt, and cuts funding for programs that feed hungry children so he and his elite pals can do less.”

It comes after Mrs Trump was ridiculed on social media after attending a rally to celebrate the start of an anti-drug campaign and to promote her Be Best initiative.

The First Lady attended the Drug Enforcement Administration’s National Red Ribbon Rally to promote the upcoming Red Ribbon week to raise awareness of drug abuse.

Part of Mrs Trump’s BeBest initiative raises awareness for drug abuse, in particular opioid dependence.

After attending the event she tweeted: “A wonderful Red Ribbon rally at DEAHQ this AM. Schools are getting ready for Red Ribbon Week beginning on 10/23.

“We honour the many law enforcement agents who keep our communities safe & celebrate the students who pledged to live drug free lives today! BeBest.”

But many people were not impressed by her involvement in the rally and unleashed waves of criticism upon the First Lady through Twitter.

Angry social media users claimed Mrs Trump’s campaign and attendance at the event was hypocritical.

One replied to Mrs Trump, saying: “If you cant enforce BeBest at home, do you really think anyone should listen.

“I am not against BeBest, I am against the hypocrisy.”

One Twitter user said: “BeBest? Tell that to the man that sleeps in the room next to you!”

Another replied to her on Twitter, saying: :Your husband shattered America’s reputation as a reliable ally.”

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