Published On: Mon, Sep 9th, 2019

Ivanka Trump: How First Daughter alienated publicist by ‘handling her in icky way’ | World | News

Ivanka, the daughter and senior adviser of US President Donald Trump, worked in her father’s real estate business before joining his administration. She worked to give a smoother, softer counterpart to both her father’s image as well as for her husband’s family’s image – Jared Kushner’s father also had a real estate business. In the 2019 book ‘Kushner Inc’, author Vicky Ward claimed Ivanka was often giving Jared input, especially on public relations.

At least one publicist told her that Ivanka would weigh in “on the smallest of details” – often things not many people would notice.

For example, she told Jared’s publicist that he should not turn down interviews with the words “Jared Kushner declined to comment”, but should use a more elegant way of saying the same thing. 

The publicist told Ms Ward: “I just felt like I was being handled in such an icky way.”

Overall, Ivanka was perceived as being the one “in charge” in her marriage to Jared.

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One source told Ms Ward: “He doesn’t have a thought she didn’t give him.”

Ivanka and Jared worked well together – they could ingratiate themselves with people in the business by asking after their children, talking without notes, and even “faking a sense of humour”.

However, Ivanka also seemed to have a ready command of the figures and detailed working knowledge of all the properties she was involved in, unlike her husband.

Ivanka and Jared met in 2005 through mutual friends and got married in 2009, after Ivanka converted to Judaism.

Ivanka has been dubbed the First Daughter due to her unprecedented important role for a family member of the President.

Jared recently unveiled his Middle East peace plan, which focuses on economics and proposed more than $50billion (£39billion) being spent in Palestinian territories over the next decade.

However, the union between the Trump and Kushner families could have actually been down to a grand plan thought up by Jared’s father Charles Kushner.

Charles was a successful real estate developer who had a dramatic fall from grace in the 2000s.

In 2005, he pled guilty to eighteen counts of aiding in the preparation of false tax returns, making false statements to the Federal Election Commission and retaliating against a witness – his own sister Esther.

When Charles emerged from prison after two years, he developed a master plan to rehabilitate his image, which allegedly  involved having his favourite son Jared “date someone prominent”.

Ms Ward wrote: “It soon because widely repeated that Charles wanted to implement a grand rehabilitation plan suggested to him by the guru of New York real estate public relations, Howard Rubenstein.

“It was audacious, but brilliant. First, buy a trophy asset in Manhattan and shift his centre of operations from New Jersey to New York.

“Second, buy a newspaper or publication, ostensibly owned by Jared. 

“Third, have Jared date someone prominent.”

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