Published On: Tue, Oct 8th, 2019

Iran-US: Nuclear threat increases as Iran to restart uranium enrichment programme | World | News

Europe has so far struggled to save the accord, wanting to keep the peace between Iran and the US to avoid any rash exchanges.

Ali Akbar Salehi, the head of Iran’s Atomic Energy Organisation (AEO), told Iranian state television that the additional centrifuges will be used in the coming weeks in an attempt to bolster where the nation left off.

The centrifuges can enrich uranium 10 times faster than IR-1 centrifuges.

According to Mr Salehi, the country is now producing up to 13 pounds of enriched uranium every day.

Escalated tensions from Iran have largely taken place since Donald Trump withdrew the United States from the nuclear accord last year.

The reasoning, according to Trump, was because the agreement was “the worst deal ever”.

Last month, Iran informed Europe and the US of its nuclear ambitions.

It threatened to push uranium levels beyond levels it had previously achieved and warned that this may lead to uranium reaching weapons-grade levels.

At the time, AEO’s Behrouz Kamalvandi said: “Under current circumstances, the Islamic Republic of Iran is capable of increasing its enriched uranium stockpile, as well as its enrichment levels, and that is not just limited to 20 percent.

“We are capable inside the country to increase the enrichment much more beyond that.”

He was also quick to warn that Iran’s stockpile was “quickly increasing” and that the country was more than capable of reaching unseen levels.

European powers made several attempts at finding ways of belong ease relations between the US and Iran, all of which proved unsuccessful.

On pulling out of the deal, the US reimposed crippling economic sanctions on Iran.

A signatory letter led by France earlier this year attempted to alleviate the impact of the restrictions.

The new move from Iran to up its uranium production is seen by many as intended to put pressure on Europe to resolve the issue.

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