Published On: Thu, Oct 10th, 2019

Ecuador crisis: Is Ecuador safe to travel to? Nation paralysed as Moreno refuses to quit | World | News

Ecuador’s defence minister, Oswaldo Jarrín, said the army was seeking to “restore, order, peace and tranquility” on Wednesday as widespread protests took place across the country.

One of the protesters Maria Lourdes Castillo said: “We’re defending the country. He’s doing everything wrong.”

She added: “But our wages won’t go up. They never do.” 

Another protester, Pedro Aranga said: “He can blame whoever he wants but he knows the people are right.

“This is hurting me and it hurts all of us. We don’t have much money to spend.”

Some protesters said Moreno’s credibility had already been destroyed by his decision to agree to the IMF loan.

One protester who travelled to Quiot with her children said: “I voted for Moreno. He said there wouldn’t be an austerity package. 

“We’re going to stay here until it’s all repealed!”

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