Published On: Tue, Oct 22nd, 2019

VIDEO: Jeremy Corbyn loses it during latest House of Commons Brexit debate | UK | News

The Labour leader recommended his MPs to vote against Boris Johnson’s deal despite some of his own MPs from Leave constituencies urging him to allow the Prime Minister’s deal to go through Committee stages to be appropriately debated. But as Mr Corbyn attempted to make his point in the House, MPs across all benches tried to interrupt him and make interventions of their own. This caused the Labour leader to lose his temper. He blasted: “There are so many people trying to intervene.

“May I deal with one at the time, please?

“Thank you very much, that’s very kind of you!”

House of Commons Speaker John Bercow was forced to intervene and ask MPs on the Conservative benches to listen quietly to the Leader of the opposition. 

As he presented his arguments in favour of his deal being passed by MPs, Prime Minister Boris Johnson said: “If we reject this new deal what would the House be saying to the country and to the world? What’s the alternative course of action open before us, to undo Brexit, cancel the greatest democratic exercise in this country’s history?”

He added: “Time and again this House has promised to honour the referendum and the fact that the leader of the opposition is now proposing a re-run, I think shows a regrettable contempt for the verdict of the British people. This House has repeatedly rejected a second referendum and in my view must emphatically do so again.”

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He went on: “Is there anyone who seriously believes that the EU would re-open the Withdrawal Agreement again. On the contrary our European friends could not be clearer. The deal on the table is the one contained in this Bill.

“And the decision for this House is whether to ratify this deal rather than go round in circles in a futile attempt to construct a new one. And then there is the question of yet further delay.

“And I know some colleagues have been contemplating the timetable of this Bill and asking whether scrutiny should take longer and I don’t think we should be daunted in this House by the task we have before us.

“But let us work night and day if that is what it takes to get this done. Our European friends are not showing any enthusiasm to agree a delay that Parliament has asked for.

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