Published On: Wed, Oct 23rd, 2019

Michelle Obama news: Ex-FLOTUS makes bold confession about White House life | World | News

Speaking at an interview with her predecessor, Laura Bush, at the first annual African Ladies Summit in 2013, Michelle opened up about the challenges of life inside the White House. At one point in the discussion it was mentioned how the original First Lady, Martha Washington, compared the role to being a “state prisoner”. Michelle replied saying she felt there were “prison-like” elements to living in the White House.

The First Lady at the time added: “But its a really nice prison.

“You can’t complain. There are confining elements.”

Michelle is not the first resident of the White House to compare living within its walls to incarceration.

The White House was described by former President Harry Truman as a “glamorous prison” and “the great white jail”.

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She said: “People are sorting through our shoes and our hair, whether we cut it or not.

“We take our bangs and we stand in front of important things that the world needs to see.

“Eventually people stop looking at the bangs and they start looking at what we’re standing in front of.”

In a more recent interview, Michelle revealed a time when she tried to escape the White House with her daughter, Malia, but was stopped by aides.

“So when you come out of the residence and there’s an elevator, there’s usually an agent right there.

The former First Lady wanted to join celebrations outside of the White House when the US Supreme Court legalised gay marriage in 2015.

She revealed on The Ellen show how she ran away from aides who called on more people for help as they said, “She’s trying to get out”.

Michelle said: “We’re trying to get out of the White House and realised it’s not that easy to get out when you’re in it but we were determined.

“I said, ‘we are not listening to anyone. We are going to walk out that door, you and me’.

The former First Lady added: “When you come out they whisper our code names and they know we’re moving.

“So we rush down the stairs and you can see the agent thinking, why are they running? He doesn’t quite know what to do so he starts following us.

“We go to the front door and it’s locked. Now there are many people behind us. The uniformed policemen, the usher who’s in charge of the house and they don’t know what to do.

Michelle continued: “They’re calling in more people and say ‘she’s trying to get out’.

“Then the usher says, ‘Ma’am if you walk out there you will be on camera in front of the nation.

“Now I’m in ripped up shorts and T-shirt, no shoes on, no makeup and I thought, hmm. You have a point.”

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