Published On: Tue, Sep 24th, 2019

Meghan Markle: Duchess of Sussex receives heartwarming welcome during royal tour of South | Royal | News

The pair arrived in South Africa for the first day of their royal tour of the continent, and their first official tour since the birth of Archie Harrison Mountbatten Windsor. During their warm welcome, Meghan was greeted by an enthusiastic 81-year-old fan.

Upon talking to Meghan, the woman, Somaya Ebrahim posed the question: “Where’s Archie?”

Quickly, Meghan revealed their her four-month-old son was sleeping.

Such was her love for the royal air that Ms Ebrahim spoke of how “amazing” it was to see the pair.

Ms Ebrahim, who was just nine when George VI and his family visited the country, also spoke of how “lovely” it Meghan and Harry were as they met the public.

Also meeting the royal couple was eight-year-old Mackenzie Collison who started to cry after meeting the Duchess.

After waiting almost three hours to meet the royal couple the eight-year-old said of Meghan: “She was beautiful, she just said hello and how are you.”

The couple were met by a large crowd upon touching down in the city and were treated to a lively party which included dancing – something Harry took part in.

As they passed through the crowds, Meghan and Harry walked from the District Six Museum.

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“Meghan saw it and said ‘wow!’ and that was wonderful, very special.

“I am so thrilled that they absolutely loved it.”

The trip to Cape Town is the first of their 10-day trip to Africa.

After Cape Town, Harry will continue to Botswana, Angola and Malawi.

Finally, he will rejoin Meghan back in Johannesburg to conclude the trip.

Speaking on South Africa, Harry revealed that he “incredibly grateful” to be to have the opportunity to visit and learn about “the issues that define your daily lives in these communities”.

He also added: “That’s what this is a community.

“A community where men and women have a vital role to play.

“I wanted to ensure that our first visit as a family, with my wife by my side, focused on the significant challenges facing millions of South Africans, while acknowledging the hope that we feel so strongly.”

As well as paying tribute to his mother’s work in Angola, the Duke will also honour the death of a British soldier who was killed trying during an anti-poaching operation in Malawi.

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