Published On: Fri, Oct 25th, 2019

London crime: Shocking video shows locals take down thug after jewellery shop robbery | UK | News

The group of Londoners appears to take action against a duo of allegedly armed robbers on the streets of Shepherd’s Bush. Video from the scene of what is believed to be a robbery shows three masked men attempting to take flight after bystanders intervene to defend the shop under attack. One of the thugs can be seen slipping as he attempts to run away only to be surrounded by a dozen of people who appear to then kick the hoodlum while on the ground.  

Earlier in the video, a car can be seen surrounded by glass shards as the three alleged robbers rammed the vehicle into the window on a jewellery shop in Shepherd’s Bush to gain entrance.

A man wearing a black hoodie and black trousers can be seen yelling at three men wearing bike helmets as another man with a grey hoodie attempts to pull him back.

As another of the alleged thieves leaves the shop, the black-clad man is seen moving closer while still talking only to be forced to take a step back as one of the thugs raises what appears to be a stick in a threatening gesture.

Another of the raiders is then seen leaving the shop clutching a bag and threatening the growing crowd with what appears to be a sledgehammer.


Two of the assailants are then seen fleeing the scene while a third loses his footing and is confronted with the fury of bystanders.

Met Police later confirmed the unexpected group of avengers assembled at the shop on Uxbridge road around 5pm on Friday evening.

One man can be seen trying to keep people back as they try to pull some of the bystanders off the raider.

At the end of the video, three police officers appear to intervene as one member of the improvised vigilante gang still holds the thug down.

A spokesman for the Met Police said: “Police were called at 17:21hrs on Friday, 25 October to Uxbridge Road W12 after a car was reportedly driven into the shop front of a jewellery store before the occupants got out and began trying to steal goods.

“Officers attended.

The spokesman continued: “One male [age unknown] has been arrested on suspicion of robbery.

“Enquiries are ongoing to locate at least two other suspects who fled the scene.

“A crime scene is in place. Enquires continue.”

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