Published On: Mon, Sep 16th, 2019

Brexit News: Lib Dems and Labour foolishly plotting own downfall with short-sighted plan | UK | News

Advisor to Sajid Javid Salma Shah explained political parties supporting Remain may be worsening their own future with plans to disrupt or stop Brexit. Ms Shah explained if the Labour or Lib Dems are seen to be attempting to derail Brexit, voters may struggle to gain support in the future. While on Politics Live she said: “I think much of the opposition parties have been quite clear that they are looking for maximum chaos within the Conservative Party.

“All of them feel like they can smell power, certainly the Labour Party feels that way.

“So even if Boris Johnson brings back a deal, even if he reaches across the House what is the likelihood that any of these people are actually going to vote with him to get a withdrawal agreement/

“A withdrawal agreement, not even a new relationship.”

Kate Andrews, Associate Director for the Institute of Economic Affairs added that she believed it would be “politically disastrous” for Boris Johnson to roll back on his “do or die” Brexit position in a general election.

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She added this may prevent Mr Johnson from extending to other parts of the House if he was able to secure a Brexit deal.

Ms Shah disagreed and said: “I think the more the Labour Party, more so the Lib Dems particularly, looks like they are trying to frustrate the process that moves us forward, the worse it will be for them.”

Miatta Fahnbulleh, chief executive for New Economics Foundation added: “I think on the Remainers side they will say that if Theresa May had reached across the aisle and trying to build a coalition she probably could have got the withdrawal agreement through.

“You now have a Prime Minister that has come in and there has been no bridge-building across Parliament.

“Now if something came to the table, having watching everything blow up, they are all terrified.

“They really want to get this over the line and I think within the Tory Party you could see some budge and compromise and potentially from some Labour MPs as well who don’t want to fight a general election in Labour Leave areas.”

The Labour Party often face criticism for changing their Brexit stance over the last few years, whereas the Lib Dem party has come under fresh scrutiny after insisting they would revoke Article 50 in the event they took power after a general election.

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