Published On: Sat, Nov 2nd, 2019

Brexit news: Boris Johnson attacked by Brexit Party MEP over EU exit withdrawal deal | UK | News

The European Parliament member made the comment on Friday during an appearance on BBC Newsnight. Earlier that day Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage threatened to run candidates against the Conservatives in every seat in Great Britain unless Mr Johnson agreed to a deal.

Mr Farage demanded the Prime Minister dump his withdrawal deal and form a ‘Leave Alliance’ with the Brexit Party.

Addressing Mr Johnson the Brexit Party leader commented: “Drop the deal because as these weeks go by and people realise what you’ve signed up to people will not like it.

“Simply it is not Brexit.

“What we’re doing here is kicking the can down the road.”

Mr Farage argued Mr Johnson’s EU exit deal was an almost exact replica of Theresa May’s and would leave Britain tied to Brussels in many areas.

His views were backed by Mr Pugh, an MEP for the Yorkshire and Humber constituency.

He appeared on BBC Newnight alongside Bill Cash, an arch Tory Brexiteer.

Newsnight host Kirsty Wark asked: “So you’re going to actually stand in seats including Bill Cash’s seat, when he’s been an arch Eurosceptic for many many years”?

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“Do we stop sending a billion Euros a month?”

Mr Johnson has turned down Mr Farage’s offer of a pact, though he did tell the BBC he was “always grateful for advice”.

There are concerns in Brexiteer circles the Tories and Brexit Party running against each other could split the ‘Leave’ vote, allowing Europhile candidates to win.

US President Donald Trump caused controversy earlier this week by suggesting the UK would struggle to sign a free trade deal with America under the terms of Mr Johnson’s Brexit deal.

He made the provocative claim during an appearance on Mr Farage’s LBC radio show.

The American leader also hit out at Labour’s Jeremy Corbyn saying he would take the UK to “such bad places” if he becomes Prime Minister.

In response Mr Johnson said: “I am always grateful for advice from wherever it comes and we have great relations with the US and many many other countries.

“But on the technicalities of the deal anybody who looks at it can see that the UK has full control.”

The Prime Minister defended his Brexit deal commenting: “It delivers exactly what we wanted, what I wanted, when I campaigned in 2016 to come out of the European Union.”

Mr Johnson had pledged “do or die” that Britain would leave the EU on October 31.

However Parliament passed a law requiring him to request another extension from Brussels.

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