Published On: Fri, Nov 1st, 2019

Brexit LIVE: Boris holds breath as Farage unveils general election masterplan THIS MORNING | Politics | News

’s fledgling outfit has the potential to be a major thorn in the side for the Tories, with chairman on record as saying the party plans to field candidates in all 650 seats in the House of Commons when the UK votes on December 12. However, speculation is rife that it will consider standing down in hundreds of constituencies in order to focus on a small number of Labour seats where there were prominent Leave majorities in the 2016 referendum. Mr Farage, speaking after his conversation with US President on LBC, yesterday played down the rumours, saying: “This is idle speculation.


“I have not spoken to anyone of any seniority in the party about this.”

Such a move would likely boost Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s chances in the December 12 poll after the Tories ruled out an electoral pact with the Brexit Party.

Commenting on the latest IpsoMORI poll published yesterday, which put Brexit Party support at seven percent, Andrew Hawkins, chairman of ComRes, yesterday told Mr Johnson’s chances of winning an overall majority would be significantly enhanced if the figure stayed in single figures.

The campaign will be launched at The Emmanuel Centre in Westminster this morning, with Mr Farage due to speak just after 11am.

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8.10am update: 

Layla Moran was mocked on BBC Question Time by audience members after they laughed and booed at the Liberal Democrats’ pledge to stop Brexit.

The Lib Dem MP for Oxford West and Abingdon came under fire after an audience member asked the panel if they thought a general election would end the Brexit crisis. Host Fiona Bruce highlighted the Liberal Democrats push for a general election in the hopes of revoking article 50 to stop the UK’s departure from the EU. Before Ms Moran had a chance to respond, an audience member could be heard booing.

Ms Bruce chuckled and told them: “That’s a solitary and a rather pathetic boo if I may say.”

Ms Moran ignored the heckler and said: “The cleaner way to have done this would have been to put a Brexit deal into a referendum back to the people and asked them if that’s what they wanted”

Her comments were met with a mixture of emotions from the audience in Birmingham as some applauded and others booed.

8.03am update: 

Isabel Oakeshott sparked a rapturous applause from last night’s BBC Question Time audience after sharing her views on how a general election would help solve the UK’s Brexit crisis.

It came after a member of the audience asked the panel their thoughts on whether a poll would help sort out Brexit.

Ms Oakeshott said: “The truth is there is a horrible possibility, as the lady there said, this general election will not solve the Brexit situation because there could well be a hung Parliament.

“The only way this election will solve the Brexit situation is if there is a big leave alliance.”

7.49am update: Minister defends Brexit deal after Trump criticism

Mr Jenrick brushed aside reservations about the Government’s Brexit deal expressed by US President Donald Trump.

He said: “Well, that’s not how we see it.

“We think that the new deal the Prime Minister has negotiated. It enables the whole of the UK to leave the EU customs union and that means that we can now strike our own free trade deals around the world.”

7.48am update: Jenrick rejects Tory/Brexit Party pact

The Tories do not want an electoral pact with the Brexit Party, a Cabinet minister has said.

Communities Secretary Robert Jenrick told BBC Radio 4’s Today programme: “We are not interested in doing any pacts with the Brexit Party, or, indeed with anybody else.

“We are in this to win it.”

7.45am update: Farage ready for campaign launch

Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage is preparing to launch his election campaign in central London after downplaying reports that he could opt to stand down large numbers of candidates in favour of targeting Labour-held seats which voted Leave in the 2016 referendum.

Mr Farage, who yesterday spoke with US President Donald Trump on LBC, played down the rumours, saying: “This is idle speculation.

“I have not spoken to anyone of any seniority in the party about this.”

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