Published On: Tue, Sep 24th, 2019

Brexit latest: John McDonnell willing to cancel Labour conference to return to Parliament | UK | News

Mr McDonnell, who described Jeremy Corbyn as his “comrade” in a speech on Monday, was speaking to at the Labour Party conference in Brighton shortly after it was announced the Prime Minister, Boris Johnson‘s suspension of Parliament was unlawful. Reacting to the news, the Labour Party chief said: “It is an abuse of power by the Prime Minister so what should happen now is we should get back into Parliament and hold the Government to account.”

When asked what would happen to conference, the Shadow frontbencher said: “We will manage conference as best we can.

“But it is more important to raise questions about Yellowhammer. 

“As Jeremy Corbyn has said he should consider his position now. 

“This is unprecedented – to have a court ruling against a Prime Minister.”

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Mr McDonnell, who yesterday used his keynote speech at the party conference to call for a 32-hour working week and lavish praise on his “comrade” Mr Corbyn, insisted Parliament should be able to return to debate Brexit after the ruling against Mr Johnson.

He said: “At least we should be back in Parliament now holding him to account asking him questions about what sort of advice he did give to the Queen.

“And having full and open transparency on that material.”

Also reacting to the news at the conference was Remainer Hilary Benn, who called on the Government to say sorry for their actions.

Meanwhile, Jeremy Corbyn was spotted giving a thumbs up to Unite the Union boss Len McCluskey as he reacted to the Supreme Court ruling which found the British Government provided the Queen with “illegal” advice. 

Responding to the decision with a speech at the Labour Party Conference, Mr Corbyn urged Boris Johnson to “consider his position” as leader of the country. The Labour Party leader said: “I invite Boris Johnson, in the historic words, to consider his position.”

“The Supreme Court has just announced its decision. And it shows that the Prime Minister has acted wrongly in shutting down Parliament. It demonstrates contempt for democracy and an abuse of power by him and therefore the Supreme Court passes the baton to the Speaker to recall Parliament.”

He continued: “I will be in touch immediately to demand Parliament is recalled so that we can question the Prime Minister. Demand that he obeys the law that’s been passed by Parliament and recognise that our Parliament is elected by our people to hold our Government to account.”

Additional reporting by Jodie Packwood 

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