Published On: Mon, Oct 14th, 2019

Samsung launches Android 10 beta for Galaxy S10 devices

Samsung has released Android 10 in beta for Galaxy S10 devices, featuring a revamped version of the One UI software that it debuted earlier this year. In a press release announcing the launch of the beta, Samsung says that the new version of Android includes redesigned smaller notifications, an “enhanced Dark Mode,” and other Android 10 features such as Focus Mode.

Samsung’s press release doesn’t say exactly which countries are getting the beta, but SamMobile reports that it should be available in South Korea, Germany, and the US. You can find out if you have access by heading into the Samsung Members app and looking for a notification about the beta. Samsung says the beta will be available for Galaxy S10E, S10, S10 Plus, and S10 5G devices. As always, however, you should be careful about installing beta software on anything you rely on as a primary device.

The update features redesigned notifications that are designed to take up less space.
Image: Samsung

The South Korean electronics giant has traditionally been slow at bringing the latest version of Android to its devices. Last year it didn’t open its Android 9 beta until mid-November, and the software didn’t start releasing until January of the following year. In this context, a mid-October release is a much quicker turnaround for Samsung, even if it comes a month and a half after Android 10 was released.

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