Published On: Fri, Sep 6th, 2019

Rafael Nadal is ‘out of control’ – fans mock Spaniard for US Open tactics vs Berrettini | Tennis | Sport

Rafael Nadal is standing right at the back of the court when returning Matteo Berrettini’s serve in their US Open semi-final, and fans have been quick to make a joke out of the tactic.

Nadal is facing Berrettini for the first time as he looks to reach the US Open final.

During the first set, which went to a tie-break, Nadal was seen stood at the very back of the court to return Berrettini’s serves.

It didn’t help the Spaniard break in the first set, though Nadal eventually won the tie-break 8-6.

But fans were quick to make jokes over Nadal’s positioning when returning serves.

One posted on social media: “Nadal’s return position is a deadset joke mate”

Another added: “Haven’t watched a lot of tennis recently. But where @RafaelNadal is standing for this guys serve is out of control!”

A third commented: “Nadal will stand in New Jersey if that’s what it takes to return this guy’s serve”

With another tennis fan writing: “Nadal might as well come into my living room to return.”

A fellow supporter urged fans to watch, posting: “If you aren’t watching the US Open, TURN IT ON! Berrettini has Nadal against the back wall (literally) trying to return Berrettini’s serves!!”

While another mocked: “Nadal standing at never-neverland trying to return Berrettini serve.”

Nadal has been troubled by standing so far back before with Nick Kyrgios opting to serve underarm to the Spaniard previously.

And one fan urged somebody else to repeat the feat.

They wrote: “Can someone other than @NickKyrgios throw @RafaelNadal an underhand serve while he’s standing in the back forty?”

Nadal is looking to reach the final as he targets Roger Federer’s Grand Slam haul of 20. Nadal currently has 18 having won the French Open for a record 12th time earlier this year.

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