Published On: Fri, Sep 13th, 2019

Boxing news: Ryan Garcia in furious tweet storm after Avery Sparrow fight cancellation | Boxing | Sport

Ryan Garcia launched into a series of tweets after his fight against Avery Sparrow was called off at the last minute.

The 21-year-old sensation was set to take on Sparrow on Saturday night, but due to Sparrow being arrested early on Friday, the fight was cancelled.

Garcia, one of the hottest prospects in world boxing right now, was looking to extend his impressive 18-0 record.

The internet sensation, dubbed ‘The Flash’, had even arrived at the weigh-in for the fight before the no-show from Sparrow.

It was at this point that Garcia was notified that his opponent would not be weighing in.

However, complications arose once it was reported that Garcia’s team had refused to fight back-up opponent Romero Duno.

Duno was scheduled to face off against Ivan Delgado on the undercard of Garcia’s bout with Sparrow, but was placed on the bill as a backup for Sparrow, per DAZN.

Golden Boy president Eric Gomez reportedly told DAZN’s Chris Mannox that Duno was the replacement fighter all along, but that Garcia turned him down, not wanting to fight such a dangerous opponent on short notice.

However, Garcia reacted furiously to those claims, and took to Twitter to deny that he had turned down the fight.

“I really wish y’all didn’t have to put out f**king lies!!!! Sad asf! Never in my life have i ever said someone is too tough LMAOOO trying to cover there f**k up,” he wrote.

“You’ll do anything to make the blame on me! I had no clue Avery had a warrant! He got arrested! The card in Risk bc i sold and got the viewers, remember when i didn’t have value! Now a bulls**t story comes out that I’m scared of duno! Peanuts I’ve been given and guess what…

“I will continue to get peanuts, even tho i move cards i put people in seats, crazy how i get treated f**k that tell the truth.”

After Garcia’s tweets, Gomez issued a redaction and insisted that it wasn’t Garcia, rather his coach, who had turned down Duno.

“I want to clarify my previous quote, Team Garcia, not Ryan Garcia, declined the Duno fight since The Trainer believed Duno was a tough opponent to take on 24 hour notice without proper preparation,” he tweeted.

But Garcia again disputed that claim, and replied: “My coach eddy never said that! How about let’s talk about the fight they just saying random stuff on Twitter.”

DAZN then issued an update on the situation, with Mannox explaining that Gomez had insisted that Garcia’s camp refused the fight.

“(Golden Boy president Eric) Gomez told me he informed Garcia’s camp of the potential problem on Wednesday,” he said.

“He told them on Friday when this all came apart, today, that Duno was ready to fight, and he was told by Garcia’s camp that they will not fight Duno. According to Gomez, it was because Duno is too tough.”

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