Published On: Sun, Sep 15th, 2019

Aaron Rodgers’ girlfriend Danica Patrick posts bizarre Instagram message – fans love it | NFL | Sport

Aaron Rodgers’ girlfriend Danica Patrick sent Instagram into a frenzy with her latest post on the social media site.

Patrick and Rodgers have been together since early last year with the NFL star falling for the former professional racing driver.

Patrick is the most successful women in the history of American open-wheel racing and competed in the IndyCar Series and NASCAR.

She has a healthy Instagram following of just over 700,000 and fans loved her recent post.

Alongside an image of a fork in a forest trail, Danica posted this lengthy message: “I had a dream…. or what felt like a message come through last night about – happiness.

“The message I was shown is all you have to do to be happy is choose it. Now, that’s the very common part, yet still true. The interesting part I got was – that’s all there is.

“It’s just a state of being and it is (at its highest level!) ALWAYS available. You can just simply choose a blissful state all the time, which is what we all seek! Right?!

“Fear and love can’t exist at the same time. Your body can only feel one. So choose the good one!!!!!!

“The next part I asked myself today was, why would I choose otherwise? What story am I telling myself?

“Most of that is strait out of my journal. I want the path of happiness. I will work to be in that state more and more and more. I am just sharing, as this was my dream and obviously a message for me. Just felt like a good one to share.”

And fans were left admiring the message from Patrick.

One responded: “Awesome, thank you my friend, love your energy and your positivity.”

Another added: “Great message. I have to ask, did you dream the Packers win the home opener?”

One other commented: “Thanks for sharing that ! So needed for me at this painful time in my life!!”

And one more simply replied: “You made my day”

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