Published On: Mon, Oct 7th, 2019

Carol Decker: 80s singer’s biggest financial mistake got her in trouble as star shares all | Music | Entertainment

Carol Decker appears on The Chase and Pointless Celebrities on BBC One this weekend. 

The T’Pau starlet has quite the varied career in the music and television industry.

And now in an interview with the Independent, the 80s pop star revealed she has also been in some trouble following a money decision. 

Asked what her biggest financial mistake was, Decker recalled an upsetting story from the past.

“It was buying a giant ancient Citroen Light 15 car which weighed two tonnes,” she said. “Had no power steering.

“And it had a left-hand wooden steering wheel the size of a Ferris wheel.

“We then found out the guy who sold it to us did not have the right to do so in the UK.

“So we had to pay a substantial import duty and beg our way out of a fine with HM Revenue and Customs.

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The star went on to explain how she’d earned more in those few months of singing in T’Pau than her father ever had, at the height of her fame.

“God, yes. Being in T’pau and co-writing those hits was like winning the lottery,” she joked.

“I went from being on the dole to quickly earning more money in a couple of years than my dad had probably earned in his life.

“I think my dad found this overwhelming,” she added.

Decker also revealed her motto in life – which also came from her father.

“Neither a lender nor a borrower be – from my dad,” she shared.

When it came to lessons she’s learnt about money in the business though, Decker revealed she never got swept up in it. 

“I was skint until I was in my late twenties when we got our deal – so I value money,” she explained. “I can still remember not being able to make ends meet.

“Being a musician is a precarious job. Though I eventually did quite well, I don’t spend out of my means.

“When I first made some dosh, I bought a Mazda MX5 – not a Ferrari. It can all end tomorrow,” the star added.

Pointless Celebrities airs today at 5.15pm on BBC One. 

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