Published On: Sun, Sep 22nd, 2019

Star Wars 9: Kylo Ren fall revealed and writer warns some fans will NOT be happy | Films | Entertainment

Suddenly it seems everything is all about Kylo Ren. This will most certainly please the most neurotic of anti-heroes. Fans still have a few months to find out whether he is the or one of the Skywalkers who will Rise in the final movie of the entire franchise. Before it hits screens in December, however, there are two major comic book lines which explore how Ben Solo fell from the Light Side of the Force and what he did next, as well as more about the Knights of Ren. Fans may not like what is coming, though…

Major theories currently suggest Kylo could have been influenced all along by Palpatine. Others say he will discover the Emperor’s plans which will push him back towards the Light.

One even suggests he was always a double agent, pretending to fall to the Dark Side to stop Snoek and then Palpatine.

The upcoming comic limited series STAR WARS: THE RISE OF KYLO REN synopsis teases: “The Skywalker legacy casts a long shadow, the currents of the dark side run deep, and Darth Vader’s blood runs in Ben’s veins. Voices call from both his past and his future, telling him who he must be.”

The four-part storyline will explore Ben’s final days at Luke’s Jedi school and his fall. The writer just spoke about his bold plans and warned they may not please fans.

Charles Soule told the audience (via at the Publishing in Star Wars panel of Fan Expo Toronto: “You know, Ben Solo is tragic.

“The potential of him from the day he was born, everyone around him saw or thought they saw what he could be. So he was put in all these different paths, and we’ve kind of seen how that’s gone wrong in the films so far. This is a story about Ben Solo, understanding some of the choices he made.”

Soule also wants to explore the long-awaited Knights, controversially saying: “They’re not good people, but they’re people.”

But it’s his plans for Kylo’s storyline, which will become canon, that Soule says may divide fans.

Soule told fans: “You guys would not be very happy with me if I screw this up. And everyone here might not be very happy with the choices that I made.”

Fans will certainly be happier with the first look at the Star Wars: Age of Resistance – Kylo Ren #1 comic which is out next week. The cover shows a beautiful illustration of his restored helmet. The storylines will be less risky since they concern events in the build-up to The Rise of Skywalker.

STAR WARS: THE RISE OF KYLO REN #1 is out on December 4

Star Wars: Age of Resistance – Kylo Ren #1 is out on September 25


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