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Downton Abbey set the world alight when the series first aired in 2010, enjoying a glorious five years of awards and worldwide praise. Michelle Dockery’s character, Lady Mary, is feisty and formidable on a quiet day. But Michelle herself said she performed a “nerve-wracking” scene in front of the Duchess of Cambridge.

How Kate Middleton helped inspire Downton Abbey cast

Kate Middleton helped inspire the Downton Abbey cast on a set visit as they filmed the series, where she showed them what a true aristocrat is like.

According to Michelle in an interview with OK! magazine, the Duchess “met everyone” and even watched her perform a scene.

She said: “That was quite something and a really special day for us.

“She watched the filming of a scene between me and Joanne Froggatt, who plays Anna, which was nerve-wracking.

“She met everyone from the drivers to the caterers and the actors; she was wonderful.

“I’ve never been to Buckingham Palace, but I am as excited as the next person about anything that the royal family do. 

“I was hooked by the royal wedding, of course.”

The Duchess even stayed for a photo with the cast in her two hour visit.

Laura Carmichael, who plays Edith, told PEOPLE magazine: ”It was a surreal and exciting experience to be at work and be visited by a member of the royal family.

“She has watched the show and loves it, and that’s really lovely.

“Brendan [Coyle, who plays John Bates] and Hugh [Bonneville, who plays Robert Crawley] were fighting over who was her favourite character, but she didn’t reveal.”

Elizabeth McGovern, who plays their mother, Cora Crawley, spoke out about her awkward royal moment she encountered when she appeared on The Jonathan Ross Show, which will air later tonight.

She said: “I think she genuinely projected the idea that she loved the show. 

“I was given the opportunity to meet Prince Charles after Kate’s visit. 

“I was very excited because Kate had been so enthusiastic about the show and everything.”

“I started talking with an English accent, which is very shocking because of course I am American and I play an American – I’ve always played it American. 

“I sort of panicked and it took me a few minutes and then I went right back. 

“But it was a bit odd.”

Of course, talk of royals at Downton Abbey has never been more appropriate as the new film, which is set two years after the series finished, features the family hosting George V and Queen Mary for a royal visit.

Downton Abbey is in cinemas now

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