Published On: Thu, Oct 3rd, 2019

Joker age rating? How old do you have to be to watch Joker? Is it scary? | Films | Entertainment

Joaquin Phoenix is going to grace the big screen with his latest character – the Joker. The DC Comics origin movie will show failing comedian Arthur Fleck as he turns into the maniacal supervillain. Young and old will be keen to see the latest incarnation of the character, but it may be a thriller inappropriate for some audiences.

What is the age rating of Joker?

**WARNING: Some mild Joker spoilers below**

According to the British Board of Film Classification (BBFC), Joker is a 15, meaning only those aged 15 and older are allowed to see it.

Children younger than 15 are not permitted to watch the film, even if they are accompanied by an adult.

The BBFC has also released guidance on what the film contains in order to help fans work out whether it is appropriate for them to see.

The BBFC has said: “Joker is a thriller in which an aspiring comedian becomes increasingly unstable after funding for his psychiatric support is curtailed.”

In terms of violence, the board has said the film contains: “scenes of strong violence include stabbings and shootings, with accompanying bloody injury detail.”

It has also explained some of the language and impropriety included in the film, adding: “There is strong language (‘f***’) throughout, as well as milder terms such as ‘p****’, ‘a******’ and ‘s***’.

“There are some briefly glimpsed images of models posing naked.”

Of course, while the BBFC has specified specific instances where younger viewers may find the movie upsetting, actor Joaquin Phoenix has said he found the filming difficult because of the fraught mental state of the main character.

Speaking to USA Today, Phoenix said of portraying such an unstable character: “It’s shaky ground as an actor. I enjoy not knowing precisely what a character may do, but you want to have like a couple moments that you feel solid about.

“And that never really happened. We just became very comfortable with not knowing.”

On how an audience will perceive Joker, he added: “It presents a bunch of difficult scenarios and questions, and it challenges the audience to experience it however they want.

“Everyone I talk to seems to have a different reading: It could be interpreted in a number of different ways and so it’s almost interactive. I really love that.”

Is Joker scary?

Joker has been described as a thriller rather than a horror film, so it is not expected to have any jump-scares or horror moments.

However, there are more likely to be disturbing moments as the main character wrestles with his mental health and eventually turns into a heartless criminal, who commits horrific acts.

For parents concerned about their children watching the film, they may wish to watch the film first before letting their children head to the cinema for a viewing, or attend the screening with them to ensure they can be on hand if anything is too difficult.

With a two hour running time, the film is not too long for those who wish to watch it before.

Joker is in cinemas from October 4

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