Published On: Tue, Oct 22nd, 2019

Film set disasters: From James Bond to Fast and Furious – personal injury lawyer interview | Films | Entertainment

Film stunts are some of the most exciting speculates in movie blockbusters, but it goes without saying just how risky they can be. An accident in June saw a controlled explosion go wrong on the set of James Bond’s No Time To Die at Pinewood Studios this summer. According to an official statement: “Damage was caused to the exterior of the 007 Stage. There were no injuries on set, however, one crew member outside the stage has sustained a minor injury.”

Speaking exclusively with, the injury lawyer highlighted the pressure to make film stunts bigger, better and more dangerous.

He said: “They are occurring again and again. There are ways in which these types of accidents can be avoided. Clearly more needs to be done.

“The Health and Safety Executive have prosecuted [on a number of occasions] as a result of the failure of the employers…not meeting the standards.

“I don’t think it’s the case that the rules and regulations are getting tougher. They’ve always been there.

“Films are wanting to be bigger and better, louder and more explosive, more dangerous all the time – to try and up their game. More and more accidents are happening, so there are more breaches of the health and safety regulations.”

Asked if film set conditions are better or worse now than in the movie industry’s past, Pepper added: “It’s hard to say with any certainty whether they’re getting better or worse.

“Clearly, these accidents are still happening, despite there being more awareness of it now.

“Employers seem to be taking steps to reduce them. Why they’re still going on I’m not sure, but they’re still happening.

“It may well be that risk assessments aren’t being done to their fullest extent because they might be trying to cut corners to save money and just get the takes that they need as quickly as possible.

“That tends to be the case with these accidents at work that I deal with.”

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