Published On: Wed, Oct 9th, 2019

El Camino: Vince Gilligan refuses to rule out MORE Breaking Bad | Films | Entertainment

On Friday Breaking Bad is getting an epilogue in the form of Netflix movie El Camino. The film will follow Jesse in the aftermath of the series finale Felina. There’s also Breaking Bad prequel show Better Call Saul still ticking along, but is Vince Gilligan really done with the incredibly popular universe he’s created? The Breaking Bad creator was asked if he was really done on The Rich Eisen Show this week.

The host asked: “Does [El Camino] tie up in a neat end? Is this the last one of these?”

Gilligan replied: “I think it’s the last one of these.

“But, then, probably five years ago I said…the last Breaking Bad episode was the last one of these too.

“So I’m just apparently a pathological liar, don’t take anything I say…”

Rich Eisen later pushed again for a clearer answer, asking: “It’s possible that you’re going to do another one of these?”

And while Gilligan currently has no plans, for all he knows he’ll be making more Breaking Bad in some form in the future.


Gilligan said: “I do not intend to make anything further at this point.

“I’m not trying to be coy.

“But then I didn’t intend to do anything further after Breaking Bad.

“You sort of go where your heart takes you.

“But having said that, I feel like what I really probably should do next is do something completely different because…it’s an interesting golden handcuffs that success gives you.”

The Breaking Bad creator added: “You want that success to continue and the safest way, you think, to do that is to keep mining that same vein of ore…keep telling that same story.

“But I really figure I’d better do something new this time around.”

Gilligan did at least confirm that Walter White is definitely dead.

He said: “You know what, yeah. I’m gonna give you that one too…yes, Walter White is dead.”

El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie streams on Netflix on Friday.

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