Published On: Wed, Oct 16th, 2019

Disney+ release date, price – all you need to know about streaming service | Films | Entertainment

Disney+ is the new streaming service coming from the major American studio. The service will host every Disney film and TV show ever made. As well as that, it will have content from Marvel, National Geographic, Fox, Pixar and Star Wars.

When is Disney+ released?

For American fans, Disney+ will be available to own on November 12.

At present, there is a pre-ordering option, where you can make sure you are on the list to receive the service the moment it comes available.

Naturally, there will also be a waiting list, so it is unlikely that everyone will get it straight away, so it is important those in the USA who want the service should sign up to get updates.

For the UK, the picture is a little blurrier, as the release date is not completely fixed.

Some fans have been speculating about the launch date, suggesting it will be “early 2020,” due to some of the suggested shows being available.

For example, the new Star Wars series The Mandalorian is expected to be released in “early 2020,” after this was posted by the Disney UK Twitter page.

At the D23 fan convention, the studio giant did not reveal when it would be available to UK users, and as of yet has not confirmed this.

How much does Disney+ cost?

Disney has also announced the platform will cost $6.99 a month for subscribers.

This will include access to four simultaneous streams and 4K streaming for fans.

For UK fans, that would be £5.46, meaning it may be rounded up to £5.99 for subscribers in the UK.

However, with the release date still a mystery, it would be no surprise if the price remained this way as well, at least until the release date is finally revealed.

What content will be on Disney+?

The Disney+ Twitter page recently listed a chronological list of everything which would be on the service.

This included every Disney film ever made, National Geographic series and documentaries, every Marvel film, every Marvel film released by Fox, every Star Wars film or TV series, and even bonus Marvel content.

There were also dozens of TV series, made by Disney and other studios, as well as cartoons, mini-series and shorts.

It will likely be a huge deal when it comes out – and perfect for people with children or just fans of a classic Disney movie.

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