Published On: Fri, Oct 11th, 2019

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Bruce Springsteen AKA The Boss is loved by rock fans all over the world. His latest album, Western Stars, was met with critical acclaim, debuting at Number 2 in the chart. Now fans will get to watch him perform it in incredible form.

When is Western Stars out in cinemas?

The album came out in June, but the film will be released in cinemas on October 28.

It has already played at Toronto International Film Festival, where it had its world premiere, and it will play in London at the London Film Festival.

The movie will consist mainly of performances of tracks from the album, along with archive footage of The Boss with his wife and E Street Band member Patti Scialfa.

Who is in the cast of Western Stars?

The main cast member is Springsteen himself, who narrates parts of the film as well as performs as the main centrepiece.

Springsteen also co-directed the film, along with his friend and film editor Thom Zimny.

Other than this, Springsteen’s band members, including a live orchestra, feature, as well as some of his old friends who go to watch the special gig take place.

Is there a trailer for Western Stars?

There is a long trailer which explains a lot of what Springsteen is dealing with in the movie.

In Springsteen’s gruff, American twang, he tells us: “We’ve got a 100-year-old barn filled with the best kind of spirits.

“We got to play for a few friends – you never know what’s gonna happen with new music.

“It’s easy to lose yourself, or never find yourself. The older you get, the heavier that baggage becomes that you haven’t sorted through.

“So you run. And I’ve done a lot of that kind of running.

“I’ve spent 35 years trying to learn how to let go of the destructive parts of my character. 

“And I still have days when I struggle with it.

“We all have our broken pieces, emotionally, spiritually – in this life, nobody gets away unhurt.

“We are always trying to find someone whose broken pieces fit with our broken pieces, and something whole emerges.

“A certain kind of magic took place – the music began to take on a life of its own.

“Life’s mysteries remain and deepen, its answers unresolved, so you walk on through the dark because that’s where the next morning is.”

His words are accompanied by incredibly, soulful music and massive landscapes, all of which captivate the audience.

What is the plot of Western Stars?

There is not a plot, as such, to Western Stars.

The movie follows the narrative of the music and is mainly The Boss performing his tunes with friends by his side.

But there is reminiscing and reflection which will certainly mean this film is more than just music.

Western Stars is in cinemas on October 28

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