Published On: Thu, Sep 19th, 2019

Ad Astra download: Can you download FULL movie? Is it legal? | Films | Entertainment

Ad Astra is soaring after critics and fans have given it stellar reviews after its premiere at the Venice Film Festival and subsequent release. Many fans are still making their way to the cinemas to catch Brad Pitt in what could be an Oscar winning performance. But others may prefer to watch this galactic extravaganza at home.

Can you legally download Ad Astra?

The short answer is no.

There is no legal way to download Ad Astra so, other than an illicit method, fans will have to head to the cinema.

Ad Astra chas just come out in cinemas so fans do not have to wait to see the film in cinemas and will likely find it playing at their local multiplex.

Will Ad Astra be available to download in the future?

There has been no official line from 20th Century Fox as to whether this will be a possibility.

This does not mean Ad Astra will not be available to download, but at present there is no confirmation on whether it will be hosted by a streaming platform such as Netflix or Prime Video.

Often, films become available to buy or rent via Sky Movies, Amazon or iTunes, but fans will have to wait and see if this is the case for Ad Astra.

Will Ad Astra be available on DVD?

It is very likely that, after it has been in cinemas, Ad Astra will come out on DVD for fans to enjoy in the comfort of their own homes.

What is the running time for Ad Astra?

Ad Astra is a fairly economical two hours and four minutes long, meaning you’ll be home at a reasonable time even if you see it after dinner.

This is certainly shorter than Pitt’s most recent film, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, which comes in at a staggering two hours and 40 minutes.

It’s also shorter than his upcoming film, The King, on which he served as producer.

That film comes in at two hours and 15 minutes, and stars Timothee chalamet as Shakespeare-inspired Henry V.

What is Ad Astra about?

In Ad Astra, astronaut Roy McBride undertakes mission to travel to the outer edges of the unforgiving solar system, to uncover the truth about his missing father and unravel a mystery which threatens the planet.

His father, played by Tommy Lee Jones, was part of a doomed expedition which, 30 years later, threatens the human race, and Roy is the only man to stop it.

With a space-based synopsis it’s expected the film will have some stunning visual and special effects.

Ad Astra is out in cinemas now

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