Published On: Sat, Oct 5th, 2019

Strictly Come Dancing: Alex Scott and Neil Jones prepare for movie themed dance at home

Strictly Come Dancing is renowned for its infamous “curse” which sees a number of couples break up as celebrities get close to their dancing partner. Now in the firing line of the rumour is Alex Scott and Neil Jones, thanks to their incredible chemistry when dancing, causing a body language expert to describe the pair as “Hollywood rom-com”. This week they took things out of the studio and spent some time at home in a family setting. The duo spent some time on the sofa with Alex’s young niece, to watch Disney movie Moanna in a bid to gain some inspiration for their dance.

As part of this week’s Hollywood ‘movie’ theme, the pair opted to dance to How Far I’ll go by Auli’I Cravalho from the film Moana.

The couple would be performing a fast-paced rumba. The pressure was on for them as the first couple to perform a rumba this season, with “Rumba Queen” Shirley Ballas watching from behind the judging panel.

Ahead of their performance presenter Tess Daly asked Shirley what she was looking for in the performance.

Shirley said: “Of course, I’m looking for some technical aspects, you know I love my seven rumba walks and I love great atmosphere and I love to see the sensuality of it so I’m really looking forward to seeing the first rumba of the series.”

Thankfully, the footballer and her professional partner took getting into the role very seriously and were keen to create the atmosphere needed for the perfect routine.

Footage showed the pair getting close in the studio, with Neil gently guiding her feet into position.

“Who would have thought at the age of 34 I’m learning to walk all over again,” Alex joked.

Body language expert Judi James pointed out the move, stating: “Neil is now going full-on to play the romantic and sexual hero to Alex on the dancefloor and in rehearsals, pronouncing her character Moana’s name with what sounded like a groan of desire and making tactile corrections to Alex’s feet and leg positions in the style of a Hollywood rom-com.”

Following the tender moment, Alex went on to make a suggestion about how they could fully nail their routine.

“I’ve got a great idea because my niece is a huge fan of Moanna so I say we go and watch it with her,” she suggested.

Her 37-year-old partner retorted: “Should I bring the popcorn?”

Strictly cameras followed them home, where they were greeted by Alex’s young niece who was on hand to offer some tips on how to channel Moanna.

“We had to come here today for my niece to explain and help me channel my inner moan. Why she thinks she’s so cool, seeing it through her eyes,” explained Alex.

The three of them sat closely together on a sofa as they watched the cartoon hit, which follows the story of a young, Polynesian girl.

Neil was seen holding a bowl of popcorn out to Alex’s niece, who sat in the middle of them.

Speaking about her niece he said: “She gave us a lot of wise words for such a young girl.”

Commenting on why she liked Moanna so much, Alex’s nice stated: “she is a really strong person and she only focuses on what she wants to do and not what others tell her to do.”

The pair took that advice into their performance, getting close on the dance floor in a barefoot performance.

Of their performance, Judi James said: “There’s something in Alex’s dance posture and torso movement that’s still got to thaw though.

“Their dance began with one of the most passionate, full-body hugs and eye to eye gazing of the night but as the dance went on Alex’s intrinsic inhibitions began to show up in rather stiff torso positions.

“She did a full koala hug on Neil as the dance finished and her eye-checking of him and their mirrored movements suggest closer empathy but Alex still needs to shed some last vestiges of diffidence on the dancefloor to emerge as the potential winner she should be.”

It was just a few months ago that Neil Jones split from his Strictly Come Dancing co-star and wife Katya.

The pair announced their break up on Instagram, however have continued to work together on the show.

Neil also surprised audiences by revealing some of his hidden tattoos on Instagram, one of which is dedicated to his former romantic partner.

Unveiling an array of artwork across his arms and back Jones commented: “Not many people realise how many tattoos I actually have,” he wrote on his Instagram page.”

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