Published On: Thu, Sep 12th, 2019

ASDA: Customer reveals supermarket trolley trick when shoppers forget £1 coin

Hardly a day goes by when a customer turns up to their local supermarket ready to do their weekly shop, only to realise they haven’t got a £1 coin for the trolley, or they’ve forgotten the token they bought specifically to avoid this issue. With more and more people becoming dependent on debit and credit cards, they are less likely to carry cash around, which then presents a problem when they need a coin for the trolley. However, one ASDA customer has found the perfect little life hack to avoid this issue.

The shopper, who goes by the screen name “@leninsgf_” – took to Twitter to share his trick for whenever he forgets to bring a coin.

Posting an image of a trolley, he wrote: “Life hack if you ain’t got a quid for a trolley.”

The trick involves using the circular part of a key to go into the slot where the coin or token usually goes.

This means as long as customers have a key of this shape and they remember to take it with them during their next supermarket shop then it’ll work.

Within seconds of posting the picture, fans of the social media site flocked to the customer’s comments as they praised him on his idea.

“This is incredible,” one said.

“It’s class,” a second added.

Wishing they’d learnt about the hack sooner, another commented: “Couldn’t have told me this yesterday when I had to do a big Aldi shop with nothing but a basket and sheer brute strength.”

A third agreed that the trick definitely works, saying: “Hah I do this I dunno how I discovered it!”

Others have since shared what they do in their time of need at the supermarket.

“I use 2 20ps stacked on top of one another if I have them, but not a quid haha,” one wrote.

“You can also use a corned beef can key. Or 2 x 20p’s put together,” another said. recently revealed the best times to go to the supermarket to get reduced goods.

When it comes to doing the weekly food shop, there’s nothing shoppers love more than getting a good deal on their regular food items.

Often people will keep an eye out for their local supermarket reducing the price of their stock to clear shelves.

Customers are in luck because there is actually a better time to visit than others, with many of the big stores including Tesco, ASDA and Sainsbury’s actually having set times when staff knock prices down.

Items are usually reduced because they are about to go out of date, the goods are damaged or no longer being sold.

Martin Lewis, Money Saving Expert told the Mirror exactly when savvy shoppers should look out for the best bargains.

At ASDA, final reductions often start around 7pm – and most bargains have been snapped up by 9pm.

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