Published On: Fri, Sep 20th, 2019

Premium Bonds UK winners: NS&I reveal who scooped high value prizes in September 2019 | Personal Finance | Finance

The September 2019 Premium Bonds prize draw winners have been announced. This month, the prize fund totalled more than £96 million. The total number of prizes in September exceeded 3.3 million. This included two winners of a £1 million jackpot each.

NS&I announced some details about the winners of the biggest prizes available this month, on the website.

Both of “September’s millionaires” are male, with one being from Surrey, and the other from Hertfordshire.

The Winning Bonds for these jackpot prizes were 319ML537267 and 350AS143074, respectively.

There was also a huge amount of potentially life-changing cash up for grabs.

For example, six people were each allocated £100,000 sums.

Of these, one person is from the Hampshire and Isle of Wight area, with a holding of £14,501.

Another is from Hereford and Worcester and has £16,000 invested, NS&I said.

A third lucky winner, from Greater Manchester, has a holding of the maximum amount of £50,000.

Premium Bonds holders in the West Midlands may be interested to hear that someone in the area has scooped the £100,000 prize this month.

NS&I revealed they have a holding of £6,075.

Another winner of this prize level is from Wales and has a holding of £30,250, while the sixth person is from Cambridgeshire and has £5,100 invested.

Elsewhere in the prize draw, 11 people all scooped £50,000 each.

They are all from Somerset, Essex, Stockport, West Midlands, Northumberland, Hampshire and Isle of Wight, Suffolk, Dorset, and South Gloucestershire, NS&I said.

Ian Ackerley, chief executive of NS&I, said: “Each £1 bond has an equal chance of winning.

“Whether it is a high value holding like September’s winners or a smaller standing order that builds up steadily over time, the magic of Premium Bonds is that regular savings habits can lead to life-changing sums of money.

“The enduring appeal is the chance to be surprised and delighted by not only the jackpot, but by any of the three million plus tax-free prizes paid out this month.”

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