Published On: Thu, Sep 5th, 2019

Outlander season 5: Jamie and Claire scene drastically CUT in dramatic Fiery Cross theory? | Books | Entertainment

Outlander has so far done a faithful job of translating Diana Gabaldon’s original novels from the page to screen for four seasons.

There‘s one big moment in the fifth book, titled The Fiery Cross, however, that some are increasingly worried about.

Fans will be expecting the Gathering, a mammoth event which takes over a large portion of the book. 

The event sees a number of new settlers coming to Fraser’s Ridge, and some claim takes away from the main storyline, so could producers of the STARZ TV series be deciding to cut this section altogether and therefore some major moments between married couple Jamie Fraser (played by Sam Heughan) and Claire Fraser (Caitriona Balfe)?

Taking to Reddit to discuss the possibilities, fan Facey7 began by sharing their hopes for less focus on the plot.

The user said: For book readers: is anyone else either dreading next season or really interested to see how they’ll do it?

“Fiery Cross had to have been the most boring, longest book of the series so I hope the show doesn’t make me fall asleep with three episodes of the Gathering or something.”

“It’s been years since I read The Fiery Cross,“ InitialIntro replied. “But I remember so much of the gathering was extreme detail of Claire doctoring and people changing nappies.

“They can condense the hell out of that, have it be more background stuff, and ignore all of the dozens of side characters and just focus on the main events.

“One episode is all that’s needed.”

DastardlyPinata agreed: “Does it get any better? I died of boredom during that gathering and couldn’t get past it.”

While another reader said: “Yeah, there are a couple of ’BIG’ things that happen (Jocasta’s wedding party, for example) but a lot of littler seemingly insignificant things.

“I would hate to see The Gathering occupy more than one episode. It’s packed full of information that sort of brings everything up to date, introduces some new characters, sets up some stuff, etc. so it’s USEFUL but ONE episode would be enjoyable, more would get boring.

After listing out a number of events due to take place, the fan shared their anxieties about producers taking liberties with the author’s original structure.

“I think there is enough material to do a full season and not rush,“ they said. “BUT I get nervous about writers going off the reservation and filling time with a whole bunch of stuff that never happened LOL.”

Will Jamie and Claire feature as heavily and will the show’s writers decide to cut back on some monumental scenes from the fifth novel?

A recent fan theory also suggested that when book 10 is finally released and the author reveals exactly what is going on when Jamie stands outside Claire’s bedroom window in the first book, it will turn out that the couple are actually in a time loop and have been repeat their story endlessly, but with different results.

For one thing, if Jamie and Claire have a happy ending and manage to prevent the Battle of Culloden, they may never have spent 20 years apart, filled with longing and anguish.

Will the novels end with the couple starting again as their younger selves?

Outlander book nine is expected to be released this year and season five returns to STARZ in 2020. 

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