Published On: Sun, Sep 15th, 2019

Game of Thrones ‘DOOMED once ran out of George RR Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire books’ | Books | Entertainment

For the last few season Game of Thrones had to enter uncharted territory. George RR Martin had failed to release The Winds of Winter in time and so ended telling the show-runners his planned main plot points for the book and its follow up A Dream of Spring. By the time the final season came around, it was berated by critics and fans alike, with David Benioff and DB Weiss being blamed for what some thought was a poor and rushed ending. However, a popular new fan theory argues that it was the fact they had no more source material from Martin that is to blame.

Reddit user bh1981 argues that Martin’s 1993 outline for A Song of Ice and Fire explains why The Winds of Winter is taking so long and “why the Game of Thrones show-runners had an impossible task.”

They wrote: “Comparing the outline to the finished books, we can surmise that GRRM is very willing to deviate from an outline if following it does not feel natural. 

“This is why the books are so high quality and also why they take forever. 

“This is also the reason the TV show was kind of doomed once it ran out of book material to adapt, (and also when the scope of the books exceeded what was feasible adapt in a mainstream TV series).

“The realities of television production mean they can’t push things off into the future, they can’t expand the story and add more characters to better set things up, and, if they do decide to change plot points, they have to do so under extreme time and resource pressure.

“The TV team definitely made some questionable decisions, but I think a lot of it can be explained by the imperative to move from plot point to plot point, manually knocking over dominos individually, instead of setting off a chain reaction.”


They added: “Which is in my humble opinion, why later seasons have so many scenes and even entire episodes that are amazing in isolation and very enjoyable if you just pretend they were adequately set up.”

Interestingly, Martin’s original outline for A Song of Ice and Fire saw Jaime Lannister take the Iron Throne.

The author wrote: “Jaime Lannister will follow Joffrey on the throne of the Seven Kingdoms, by the simple expedient of killing everyone ahead of him in the line of succession and blaming his brother Tyrion for the murders.

“Exiled, Tyrion will change sides, making common cause with the surviving Starks to bring his brother down.”

Fans will know that Jaime’s ending in Game of Thrones was much more tragic, dying with his sister and lover Cersei under the rubble of King’s landing.

Since Game of Thrones ending has been so derided, some fans have wondered if Martin will now change the ending of A Dream of Spring – perhaps with Jaime on the throne instead?

However, the author has made clear in interviews that he told Game of Thrones showrunners the major plot points of his plans for The Winds of Winter and A Dream of Spring.

Speaking with 60 Minutes, the 70-year-old author said: “I don’t think [Game of Thrones showrunners] Dan and Dave’s ending is gonna be that different from my ending because of the conversations we did have.

“We’re talking here about several days of story conferences taking place in my home in Santa Fe, New Mexico.”

“But there’s no way to get in all the detail, all the minor characters, all the secondary characters. The series has been extremely faithful compared to 97% of all television and movie adaptations of literary properties.”

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